Each student has an opportunity to attend 2 different workshops, which are led by a variety of local pastors and volunteers that have a passion to teach from the Word of God. The range of topics will coincide with one of the following categories: Word of God, Prayer, Evangelism, Discipleship, and Christ-Centered Living. All those attending have a chance to interact and ask questions, as we dig deeper in understanding God’s purpose for bringing us together as one.

We will be announcing this year’s workshops soon!

Amy Mauk

Is God Hearing My Prayers?

Does God hear everyone’s prayers? Does it make a difference and can it change God’s mind? Learn more about what moves the heart of God.

Ben Budde


What does it take to have a good and faithful relationship with Christ and others, when life is full of chaos?

Bob White

Seeing God

Learn how to see the invisible God of the universe in today’s modern world.

Carolyn Hensley

Relationships Under Construction

Relationships are complicated. Fortunately, God’s got us covered, as we explore His blueprint for healthy relationships!

Jason Harris

Biblical Masculinity

Drawing parallels between Adam in the garden, the dominion given to mankind over the earth, and the life, teaching, and commissioning of Jesus.

Jered Slusher

Living In The Power of God’s Word

Experience the authority and power of God’s Word, and be equipped with the light of Scripture to dispel the powers of darkness in your life.

Jon Salsbury

The Power of Forgiveness

Unforgiveness is a cruel master that inflicts misery. To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.

Josh Vasquez

Seeking God Daily

Scripture says that God’s word should be a light to our feet. Yet few of us read the Bible. Make a devotional to develop a daily Bible reading habit.

Julie Branim

Growing In Christ

Be equipped and encouraged by the Word to live victoriously in Christ through difficult times.

Lauren Klett

GPS: God’s Positioning System

Is your GPS stuck recalculating and you feel lost? How do we hear God’s voice to go His direction? Recalibrate! Get a new sense of direction.

Liz Ward

Biblical Manhood And Womanhood

Explore the Biblical picture of masculinity and feminitity, why God created male and female, and how both are an intentional and powerful expression of God’s heart.

Lori McCollum

Anatomy of Salvation

Identifying the realms of the soul, spirit and body and the functions of each in regards to the process of salvation and sanctification.

Mark Burd

How To Share The Gospel

Gain the boldness and tools you need in order to lead others to Christ.

Melissa Music

In His Presence – Transformation Happens

Get to Jesus. Run to Him. Watch what He can do in you. Your junk will crumble. Chains will break. Everything changes in His presence.

Nathan Branim


Why me? Why this? Why God? Learn the plan of God for our pain, personality and purpose as we explore these questions.

North Point Insideout

Worship Q&A

Spend time with the band as they answer questions and share their experiences as a worship band. ONLY AVAILABLE FRIDAY EVENING.

Samantha Young

How To Study Your Bible

Are you hungry for more of God? Do you read your Bible but want to go deeper? Come learn how to study God’s Word and find Him there like never before!

Sandy Rufener

How the Prophet Jeremiah Still Speaks To Us Today

If anything could have gone wrong for Jeremiah, it would seem it did. Jeremiah believed and trusted God. Why did he believe and why can you?

Scott Sharik

How Hope In God Stays Alive

This is for desperate, gutsy people. So much in life depends on God’s work in and through us. Come discuss four main questions about hope in the Lord.

Simon Ladaa

God & Science

Who made God? How does Biblical truth, seen through a scientific lens, help us understand creation and disprove evolution?

Tim Lewis

God Has a Plan… And I Have No Idea What It Is

Anxiety, depression, & other things keeping you up at night.